• Friday, 24 January 2014

    Ted Baker- Makeup Bag Review

    Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? Just a quick post today on my new make up bag (to which I've fallen slightly in love with!). This time I've opted to go for something a little more 'plush' so Ted Baker was always going to be a major contender. In the end I picked out this gorgeous floral patterned bag which feels ever so soft and silky for around £25.00. My only criticism is that the bag itself isn't big enough to put make up brushes in (I have to take out a few items in order to accommodate them) however, it is suitable size to pop into a handbag or used as a wash bag for travelling. So overall I was pretty chuffed with my new purchase! 

    What makeup bag brand do you have? Which one do you think is the best?

    Much Love 
    Eltoria x




    1. This is really pretty :) my favourite make-up bag has 'Contents: my face.' written on it :) xx

    2. Love the floral print on this!

      Hugs & Kisses,
      Selorm | SheJustTalks | Xx

    3. This bag is beautiful! I just have a few cheap make up bags because I tend to store my make up in acrylic holders x


    4. Gorgeous print! I use a roll up Vera Bradely makeup bag! It holds literally everything; makeup, hair care, skin care, etc!

      Great photos :)


    5. Ah that's a lovely makeup bag! I have a Victoria's Secret one, but have the same problem as you. I've just broken the zip because I have too much makeup and not enough space! x

    6. When I just need to take literally a few little essentials around I've got a little Osprey London one which I really like! Love the spring colours on your one though! x

    7. I was planning to get this.

    8. this make up bag looks gorgeous will have to go and check it out
      great post :)
      The Inked Blonde

    9. That's a gorgeous makeup bag!!! So pretty and feminine!

      Rosie's Life

    10. This is so beautiful! Ive been lusting after a ted baker makeup bag for ages and this just looks amazing. Makes me want one even more now! xx


    11. I'm using a few different makeup bags from all sort of brands. I prefer Ted Baker for their cloths ;)

      Lu. www.balgarka.co.uk

    12. I have a warehouse makeup bag but seeing your TB one I wanna buy one!

      [new blog post up]
      LifeWithFrancesca x

    13. Love the bag! The design is very pretty. I myself am a Marc Jacobs girl when it comes to make up bags.

      The Style Boro

    14. May one ask where you bought it? Is it available online? Have been looking around for something like it myself. x


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