• Saturday, 11 January 2014

    Knock Yourself into Shape with the 3 'Teas'

    I am THE biggest tea drinker. EVER. Not only do I drink the classic 'Tetley' and 'PG Tips', I also have a soft spot for herbal teas. Herbal teas are a fantastic way maintain weight or even to shift a few founds. So with a nation known to have a healthy relationship with a kettle, popping in something more exotic other than 'Jonny Vegas and his monkey', you and your dietary needs are guaranteed to be well and truly catered for. So here are my main top three teas that I like to drink in order to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle.

    Green Tea- AKA The Fat Burner

    Green for 'GO'- Green tea is an excellent tea to boost your and burn at the gym. Its antioxidant effect helps the liver function more efficiently which consequently speeds up metabolism too. So instead of grabbing a soda or glass of fruit juice at breakfast, lunch and dinner, boil up the kettle and enjoy a mug of green tea. It is known that drinking green tea up to 3 times a day burns up to an extra 200 calories a day! 

    Oolong Tea- The Fat Buster!

    Oooo la la- Oolong tea what an underdog! This tea is also known as 'Wu Long tea' which is a popular Chinese tea. Oolong contains a higher concentration of polyphenols which helps aid weight loss. This tea tastes slightly sweet, so a perfect alternative to a chocolate bar. Oolong tea is quite difficult to get hold of in supermarkets, but it is available at Holland and Barrett and Whittards. 

    Jasmine Tea- Oh you Classic

    There's nothing better than having one tea that just makes you kick back, and relax. Jasmine tea tastes ever so gentle offering many benefits to our bodies. Not only does this tea lower blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate but it also helps to reduce the risk of cancer. This tea is a perfect brew to have right before bed. 

    Grab a 'cupper' in your very own kitchen.

    So what tea will you be having today?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x

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    1. Love green tea...Have it everyday!

      E, x

    2. I love tea, as well as coffee. Great tip about the oolong tea. Going to check that out! Happy New Year! x

      Louisa - My Family & Abruzzo

    3. Hehe, I always thought I was the biggest tea drinker ever. As much as I love a good herbal it will always be the classic breakfast tea for me! x

    4. I love green tea xx


    5. I looove tea! I usually drink about four different cups of tea every day and it has done wonders for my skin! ^_^


    6. I don't care for herbal tea, I prefer milky teas that are slightly sweet like Chi tea but this year I am going to try to drink more tea since they are good for you. I did find a peach white tea that I love.


    7. Deffo need to get some green tea now! And would you mind checking out my new blog? Thankyou . x cecilyrussell.wordpress.com

    8. Hi Eltoria I just loved this post! I love my tea i'm half Iranian so tea is practically my blood. I've grown up among avid tea drinkers and was making fresh leaf tea for my father from an early age! Nothing makes me feel better than a good cuppa! I typically drink English Breakfast in the morning, maybe Earl Grey if i'm feeling fancy lol but during the day I drink Green or White Tea as they a full of antioxidants.


    9. I wish COFFEE would knock me into shape :/ #coffeelover
      Good post though!

    10. Love it! Now on to drinking 3 cups of green tea for those 200 calories!

      xo Glazed Over


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