• Tuesday, 15 October 2013

    How To Grow Your Hair Quicker With NEW Shampoo

    This round ‘soap like’ solid object most definitely can be considered my NEW hair drug. Also conveniently named ‘NEW’, this hair shampoo is extremely popular in China and Japan- no wonder why they all have gorgeous hair! To feed my envy for long hair, I started to use NEW shampoo 4 months ago and boy, has my hair grown!

    Bar- £5.50 Tin (recommended) £2.50

    The warming smell of cinnamon oil and clove bud oil is enough to get your nostrils tanging! The oils combined with bay oil work together to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles for healthy hair growth. The bonus ingredient for me is the peppermint oil. Peppermint oil stimulates the blood flow which in turn gives follicles a boost. This product lasts between 80-100 washes (around 2 months) where you would use it just like a bar of soap (but for your hair!). I would also recommend this product to anyone who is off travelling soon, it is perfect for your hand luggage!

    Hair after 4 months

    What other products do you recommend for hair growth?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x 


    1. Ooh defiantly tempted to try this because my hair hasn't been looking healthy recently


    2. That sounds amzing!! Really want to try this!!xox

    3. Sounds amazing and wow, your hair looks really healthy!

    4. I haven't had a Lush Shampoo Bar in years! I used to love them though so I'll have to have a see what new ones they have out.

      Slightly Skint Blog

    5. sounds promising, I'd love to have long mermaid hair!

      abi x


    6. Wow great post I have used this before but thought nothing of it but defo going to purchase again great review x


    7. It sounds great! I shall have to try it soon I think as am on a 'growing my hair' mission myself xx


    8. Wow this sounds great. I'm deffo getting this! x

    9. oooh this sounds fab......think i need to bag me one of these!!

    10. A few years ago I used the FAST shampoo and conditioner and it really made my hair grow - I haven't used it for years now but my hair now grows so quickly still x

      Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    11. This sounds amazing, I'll have to look out for it! xx

    12. Taking biotin is great for your hair! also, scalp massages! Thanks for posting, definitely going to try this, especially for travel. Is it color safe?

      x, smarty

      1. Oooh i'll have to look for products with biotin then! it is colour safe my sweet :) xxx

    13. Does this really help grow hair (prevent hair loss)? And do you use a conditioner after?
      I love your blog so I tagged you for the "I have never.. but I would like to" tag! (here: http://www.margottea.be/home/2013/10/17/i-have-never-but-i-would-like-to-tag). I'd love to read about your dreams ..


    14. Ooohh, most definitely tempted to pick this up your hair looks super shiny! :)
      I swear by coconut oil for hair growth! It's become my go-to weekly hair mask and sometimes I'll even use it to moisturise my eyelashes (little weird maybe lol!)

      Lisa xx

    15. Definitely going to give this a try, been trying to grow my hair faster for years now!!


    16. The Lush shampoo bars have always enticed me. I may have to try one after reading this :) I've just seen you follow my blog but on my old bloglovin where the posts don't update anymore. If you still want to follow please pop over to my blog and follow the new bloglovin in my sidebar. Thanks so much if you do. I've lost hundreds! :(
      Lots of love x

    17. I love shampoo bars! I see you followed me on BlogLovin' - thank you so much! If you would add my beauty blog as well I would really appreciate it!


    18. This looks amazing, but how do you actually use it?
      Can you use it as a second shampoo or just use that on its own?
      So glad you found something which might actually encourage my hair to grow lol.



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    20. The warming smell of cinnamon oil and clove bud oil is enough to get your nostrils tanging! The oils combined with bay oil work together to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Hair extensions NYC


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