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    How to Make your Teeth Whiter

    Personally I do not believe in 'teeth bleaching' unless it is done by a professional ie: a dentist. Not only is it safer, it is however illegal for anyone carrying out the service without a qualifying certificate. So watch out for those dodgy salons! Some home kits have been criticised for not containing enough whitening product or the mouth-guard not fitting the mouth properly. As a result, some of the bleaching gel may leak onto your gums and cause blistering or in some cases, damage to the enamel... not good!

    So instead of taking this risky manoeuvre I have opted for a much more 'mintier' experience- toothpaste. I know thousands of us in the UK use 'whitening' based toothpastes, however I personally put it down to a routine too! Since starting my new routine four months ago, I have had so many compliments on how much whiter my teeth were looking. As a self confessed 'serial tea drinker'- these statements surely did confirm my faith for natural products.

    **Before I start, I am in no way a dental professional or anyone who holds a qualifying certificate. These are just some of my own tips **

    Step 1- Morning Routine

    So out of the two toothpastes I use, I shall start with the first one. Colgate Advanced White. I like to gently brush my teeth in circular motions for a good few minutes. Then I will rinse my mouth with Listerine 'Stay White' mouthwash which will help reduce tartar and stains.

    Step 2- Mid-day

    Sometimes (if I am at home around lunch time) I will give my teeth a gentle brush or a swish of mouthwash. This shouldn't be done too often as brushing your teeth too much can actually damage your teeth. This is only if I have eaten/drank something sugary.

    Step 3- Evening

    Firstly I will gently brush and floss my teeth in circular motion before using Pearl Drops (pro-white) tooth polish. I personally believe that this product is THE best tooth polish out there on the market. 'Pro White' makes your teeth x5 whiter in 6 weeks if brushed x3 times a day. Personally I felt my teeth didn't need this intense treatment but if your teeth do, then give it a shot! I will then only rinse off with mouthwash if I do not happen to have my Pro White polish.

    Step 4- Tan!

    In the summer I usually skip out this this step as I naturally tan quite well. However in the winter months, I like to subtly bronze my face with Garnier Ambre Solaire 'dry mist'. Darker skin will always make your teeth appear whiter. Usually wearing foundation will make the skin on your face appear much lighter from the rest of your body- so adding a 'summer kissed' mist won't hurt at all. I do not do this everyday only once in a while. Looking orange wouldn't be natural.

    So there you are guys, do any of you have a top tips in keeping those nashers pearly white?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x

    Teeth after 2 months use



    1. I have to try this routine because your teeth look super white and pretty :)

      Just a little prettier

    2. Have you tried baking powder? It's found in most whitening toothpastes, but you could use it on its own as a once a month scrub to help remove any tea stains and create pearly whites that glow!! P.S. you have fab teeth :)

      Check out my blog at

    3. Great routine! xo


    4. I think I might need to set up a routine like this myself. I used to smoke and I drink quite a lot of caffeine, so my teeth definitely aren't as nice as white as they could be!

      Emmy xo | a little yes

    5. Just found your blog but I Already love it x

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    6. I had a routine very similar to this until a couple of weeks ago, when I visited my dentist and he gave me a telling off haha! Apparently these products whiten your teeth by wearing away the top layer of enamel which can weaken your teeth and eventually make the lower yellowy layer come through! Safe to say he put me off haha! I'd heard bad things about some whitening products and knew they could be damaging, but I trusted Colgate because I'd always been told to use that by my dentist! You have to be careful because these products can be very misleading :( xxx


    7. I definitely think it depends on what products you use! I only use toothpaste/mouthwash which is extremely safe. Id never use anything with colourants or bleach in it, because you're right, it only makes your teeth SO much worse. xxxx

    8. I share your principles on this matter. Though there are teeth bleaching home kits, having it done by a pro is still the safest. Such procedure is not part of our responsibilities in oral care. Our roles should go only as far as brushing, rinsing, flossing, habitually going to the dentist, and the likes. Clinton@Doug Smith DDS

    9. Thanks for sharing the information In the recent fast pace time I hardly always do the brush at one time which is at the morning, so my teeth becomes yellow and show different shades of color. When in the party I meet the friends, then one of my friend said your teeth become very yellow then I realize how our teeth are very important in the personality.
      Then I went to the center in Delhi, Which is Dentistry Redefined and got the appointment they simply check and say don't worry your teeth got stain by plaque and It is remove in there or four sitting after attend all sitting after that they suggest me to maintain you white teeth and I also try this after the treatment at home for maintain the white teeth.

    10. DIY treatments are pretty much useless if you don't consult your dentist. Using whitening toothpaste and other products can be of great help, but a dentist's expertise will deliver some great insight into what you should and shouldn't use. Anyway, thanks to your post. I believe those who want to have whiter teeth are strictly following your tips. Hehe! Thanks for sharing! :)

      Gilberto Nunez @ Troy Family Dental

      1. I totally agree! And I should know because I'm guilty of not consulting my Austin Dentist when I used OTC teeth whiteners. I experienced an infection because of that, my gums became swollen and I felt some inflammation from my teeth’s nerves. When I checked with my dentist it turns out I over-applied and did not follow instructions. Although I'm ok now, still, the risk would have been avoided if only I consulted first with my dentist.

    11. Be careful of whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide because it’s not very good on your enamel. I use Stella white peroxide free strips instead :)

    12. I have a plan about how to make your teeth whiter. You can use Colgate Optic White Platinum toothpaste. It's give you good smile and brightness. I am using this whitening toothpaste. Thanks for reading.....

    13. this is something nice idea to shine our teeth with whiteness and also very impressive steps to follow and make healthy white teeth.

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    15. Great routine you have there. Love the tanning idea. I've noticed a few people in the comments offering other methods too. Here's one you may have some fun with; charcoal, yes, the black kind. It makes for great behind the scenes photos and really improves whiteness.

      Theresa N | Lisle Dental Center


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