• Thursday, 3 October 2013

    Bucket List

    Watching 'The Bucket List' (the movie) the other day made me think- surely we all have some sort of 'bucket list'? So I thought that I would quickly write up a post and share mine with you all!

    Learn to speak Italian fluently
    Go skydiving
    Take a flying lesson
    Own a sapphire necklace
    Own a diamond necklace
    Take a make up artists course
    Go to uni
    Get published in a magazine
    Graduate from university with a LLB
    Write a beauty blog
    Dance for 10 years and then start a new hobby
    Start my YouTube channel
    Go and see the Northern Lights
    Get acrylic nails
    Move to the USA
    Go to the spa and get a full body massage
    Buy some cow boy boots and hat from Texas
    Go and see where Dallas was filmed
    Be a charity representative and do something for charity on a regular basis
    Travel around the Canary Islands
    Go paint-balling
    Do a Safari
    Throw a big birthday party 
    Go skiing
    Visit a historic place abroad and take a tour
    Walk on hot stones
    Go on a cruise ship
    Own a micro pig and call it Apples
    Own a Osprey bag
    Design and build my own house
    Swim with dolphins and sharks
    Get horrendously drunk in Vegas
    Get another piercing
    Chill out on a beach in Figi
    Take a business management course
    Hold a snake
    Hold a monkey

    Here are some that I have completed:

    Get published in a magazine

    Go on a cruise and travel around the Canary Islands

    Throw a big birthday party (my 18th!)

    Throw a big birthday party (my 18th!)

    Go to uni

    What would be on your bucket list? Have you done any of the above?

    Much Love
    Eltoria x


    1. Such a good post. Defo inspired me to writ my own bucket list x

    2. Love this idea, I might just have to follow suit! The thing with a bucket list is some people write them and some people live them...I hope you are the latter! Fun post!


    3. Love you bucket lists.
      Hope you get to do all the stuff on it.


      Much love

    4. wow! you've already done half of these things!!


    5. On my bucket list there are :

      - fulfill my dreams
      - Become a successful photographer & graphist
      - Do some shopping
      - Meet extraordinary people all across the world
      - Finally got a job in Canada


      Xxxx ;)

    6. Great bucketlist! I haven't done any except start my youtube channel! And it's doing okay. If you want to check it out it's called Olivia's Catastrophe. I hope you get everything done on your bucket list! I feel the need to make my own now too :)

    7. Wow you've done quite a lot on your list! Good luck with the rest! x

    8. skydiving is also on my bucket list! and the northern lights is sucha a great idea! :D

      REAlity Bites

    9. To be fluent in Italian is on my bucket list too! So is to learn sign language and visit elephants in Thailand. Your blog is lovely and congrats to you for getting published in a magazine! xo

    10. What an inspiring post! It 's always nice to have something to look forward! :)


    11. The bucket list should be a tag! Definitely need to write my own :) love this! xxx


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